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Congratulations on your purchase of Ready-to-Finish furniture! Each piece of real wood furniture is an "original", the result of nature's handiwork. Every item has its own grain pattern and color, according to the character of the wood. Light and dark areas, such as knots, blend during the finishing process to produce the uniquely attractive look of real wood furniture. While you may paint, varnish, or finish your furniture in other ways, we will talk about one of the most commonly used finishing processes - staining and top coating. To help you get the best results, here are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare to finish your furniture using this method.

Preparing The Surface
Your furniture has been pre-sanded, but most unfinished pieces need additional fine sanding. Sand lightly over the whole piece using 100 to 220 grit sandpaper (grit depends on the type of wood). The objective in pre-sanding is to remove any dirt or oil that may be in the wood during shipping. Also sand any areas that are not very smooth. You don't need to sand extensively, just enough to get the super rough areas. The main reason for not sanding much is because once you put a wet substance on wood, it swells the grain and makes it rough again. This is very normal. The sanding you do between your coats of finish will smooth this out. This step should only take you 5 to 10 minutes.

Stir the stain thoroughly before you start and then try it somewhere on your furniture that will not show to be sure that this is the color you expected. Apply the stain liberally with a lint free cloth (T-shirt is fine). Wipe with the grain and then across to be sure it is completely covered...then take a clean cloth and wipe off all the excess. Let it dry 8 to 12 hours. More time is needed if there is high humidity or if a darker colored stain is used. For a richer, deeper color - wipe on another generous coat of stain - wiping it on and removing it as you did with the first coat. Beyond two coats of stain the color will not really change. Then wait 24 hours before you start to wipe on our Clearthane.

Applying The Clearthane Top Coat
Make sure your furniture is thoroughly dry, clean and dust free. Stir the clearthane well and then using a clean T-shirt, WIPE IT ON (sparingly). Let it dry 4 - 6 hours... WIPE ON ANOTHER COAT (no rubbing). Let it dry overnight or 12 hours. Then buff each surface lightly using 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper until it feels smooth. Remove any residue with a tac cloth and wipe on a final coat of clearthane. Let dry 24 hours.

Your fine furniture is now completely finished and ready to use. However, if a higher luster or greater protection is desired...simply wipe on one additional coat.